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Timpani is a powerful, extensible, shareware cross-platform Excel spreadsheet tool for creating character sheets for D&D 3.5e.

Yes, Timpani will be out for 4.0! My own game is updating, and I don't relish the idea of playing without Timpani either. :-) It'll be a while, though: it's a big change, and I didn't get the new books any earlier than anybody else. In fact, watch for an update to Timpani for 3.5 first, as I put in all the final bug fixes before putting that version on the shelf.

The latest version of Timpani is 35.238, released February 20, 2006. The "35" means it's for 3.5e, and the number after that goes up by 1 with every new version. You can read the revision history to see what's new this version.

Download Timpani now:

ZIP-compressed Timpani for 3.5e (.zip, best for Windows; open with WinZip)
StuffIt-compressed Timpani for 3.5e (.sit, best for Macs; open with StuffIt Expander)

(Still playing D&D 3e? You'll want to download the older Timpani for 3e instead, as a ZIPped 3e or Stuffed 3e file. It's not in active development anymore, but it's still good!)

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Add-Ons and Data Files

You can import the following data files into your copy of Timpani by following the instructions on the Help page in the spreadsheet. If you have Timpani export files with un-copyrighted or OGL data you'd like listed here, please let me know! (Note that the Eberron Campaign Setting and the Complete ___ books are copyrighted and have not been released as Open Game Content. I'd love to distribute information from them, but I can't.)

Register Timpani by PayPal

You can use PayPal with any credit card or bank account, even if you don't have (or want) a PayPal account.

The suggested registration fee is $15.00 (USD). (You can pay in other currencies, too.) If you can't afford that much, or you don't think Timpani is worth the price of a movie and some popcorn, please feel free to send less. You can even register for free, just by sending an email to the address in the spreadsheet. If you think it's worth more than $15, you're welcome to send more instead! Your registration is good for as many characters as you want to create, and all future versions of Timpani.

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More About Timpani


These screenshots are of small windows, and they have been reduced in size for the Web. Of course they'll be bigger and more legible on your computer.

Character Sheet 1
Character Sheet 2
Spell Sheet
Bonuses, modifiers, spells, conditions and other effects
Spell Selection Sheet
Weapon data for customization



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