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Lute is a flexible, extensible, shareware cross-platform Excel spreadsheet tool for random treasure generation for D&D 3.5e. A 3e version is also available.

The latest version of Lute for 3.5e is 1.1, released June 25, 2006. You can read the revision history to see what's new this version. In particular, please note that v1.0 list DNAs for encounter treasure will give different results if you use them in v1.1, and the same for the other way around. If you need to share an encounter treasure list between versions, copy the list itself rather than only the DNA.

Download Lute now:

ZIP-compressed Lute for 3.5e (.zip, best for Windows; open with WinZip)
StuffIt-compressed Lute for 3.5e (.sit, best for Macs; open with StuffIt Expander)

(Still playing D&D 3e? You'll want to download the older Lute for 3e instead, as a ZIPped 3e or Stuffed 3e file. It's not in active development anymore, but it's still good!)

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You can use PayPal with any credit card or bank account, even if you don't have (or want) a PayPal account.

The standard registration fee is $10.00 (USD). (You can pay in other currencies, too.) If you can't afford that much, or you don't think Lute is worth it, please feel free to send less. If you think it's worth more, you're welcome to send more instead! Your registration is good for all future versions of Lute.

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Screenshots and Samples

These screenshots are of small windows, and they have been reduced in size for the Web. Of course they'll be bigger and more legible on your computer.

General Options
Main Controls: Treasure by Type and EL, NPC Equipment
Weapon data for customization
Sample treasure-by-item lists, GM and players' versions (text)



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