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Offering several powerful, extensible, cross-platform Excel spreadsheet tools for D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) 3.5e and similar RPG systems.


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Timpani helps players and DMs create and use complete character information sheets. Features include easy customization, epic levels, stacking and overlapping bonuses, a help page, and much more! 3.5e and 3e versions available. Yes, Timpani will be updated for 4.0! Find out more and download Timpani.


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Lute helps DMs generate standard or customized treasure hoards, market item lists, and NPC equipment. Features include easy customization, separate GM and player lists, simple recreation of previous lists, and more. 3.5e and 3e versions available. Find out more and download Lute.
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You'll need the rulebooks from Wizards of the Coast to use these tools. Amazon's a fine place to buy them, and using these links to access Amazon helps support our shareware.

Player's Handbook ... Dungeon Master's Guide ... Gift Set (PHB, DMG, and MM3) ... Other books

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